Morning Light by Amy E. Dean This companion book to the author's successful NIGHT LIGHT provides hope, support, and guidance for those in recovery programs.

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Advice to college graduates: "Love many, trust a few, and learn to paddle your own canoe." (Anonymous)
The best journeys in life take you places you never intended to go, and answer questions you never considered asking.
The key to risk-taking (Sheryl Sandberg): "If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat. Just get on."

Books By Amy

Caring for the Family Soul: Enriching the Family Experience through Love, Respect, Intimacy, and Trust (Berkley/Putnam)

A book for the contemporary family on establishing meaningful traditions, trust, and intimacy, for the traditional nuclear family, the single-parent household, or gay or lesbian families. Whatever the values, whatever the definition of “family,” this book examines spiritual wellness within a constantly shifting world.

Facing Life’s Challenges: Daily Meditations for Overcoming Depression, Grief, and “The Blues”

At last a book that meets the needs and provides an underlying hand to lift a depressive up. In the literary world the topic of depression is often overlooked or ignored. It is refreshing to find a book that not only acknowledges the existence of depression but addresses the problems and struggles faced by everyone enduring depression and their support system.

First Light: Morning Meditations for Awakening to the Living Planet

First Light offers a wholly fresh approach to restoring nature to its essential place as an integral part of our daily lives, no matter who we are or where we live.

Growing Older, Growing Better: Daily Meditations for Celebrating Aging

A book for anyone over 50 years old who is convinced that the decades after the forties can be rich and fulfilling—a time in which to celebrate the potentials and possibilities in the second half of life.

Letters to My Birthmother: An Adoptee’s Diary of Her Search for Her Identity

This unsent, one-sided correspondence was written by Massachusetts resident Dean (Night Light), an adoptee and former foster child, at age 31 after she decided to seek her natural mother, and records her brief search for, reunion and unrewarding relationship with “Ruth.”

Lifegoals: Setting & Achieving Goals to Chart the Course of Your Life

Lifegoals helps you take control of many areas of your life—self-esteem, health and fitness, relationships, communication, career/lifework, finances, life crises, and your connection to the spiritual world.

Making Changes: How Adult Children Can Have Healthier, Happier Relationships

If you grew up with mixed messages, inconsistent behaviors, and unhealthy emotional responses, then chances are you’ll find yourself in similar relationships as an adult.

Morning Light

Morning Light–a new companion book to Amy Dean’s best-selling Night Light–has daily entries of inspiration that will help readers begin each day with renewed self-confidence and serenity.

Natural Acts: Reconnecting with Nature to Recover Community, Spirit & Self

Nature has always been and will continue to be the living source of everything you are; the integral element needed to ensure your survival. Whatever is not needed, nature transforms into something that contributes to ongoing life in meaningful ways.

Natural Creativity: Using Nature’s Raw Materials to Craft Simple, Functional, and Attractive Objects

This book will interest craftspeople and artists of all ages and can be used to promote family projects. It teaches how to rediscover awareness, appreciation, and reverence for every little thing in life.

Night Light: A Book of Nighttime Meditations

This meditation classic gives us a serene, reassuring thought as we end our day and face the night—or as we face a dark moment in the course of our day.

Once Upon a Time: Stories from Adult Children from Alcoholic and Other Dysfunctional Families

There can be a “happily ever after” in our lives, even for those of us raised in an alcoholic home. In this book, 20 adult children share their stories, revealing the problems they needed to overcome in order to find a bright future filled with freedom from their past.

Peace of Mind: Daily Meditations for Easing Stress

When facing demands at work, dealing with emotional situations at home, or struggling with a relationship, stressful thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming and may cause stress-related physical or emotional problems. This book will help readers identify the source of their stress and offers techniques to reduce the unhealthy tension

Pleasant Dreams: Nighttime Meditations for Peace of Mind

Each of the 366 nighttime meditations offers practical ideas as well as reminds you of the marvelous tools you have within yourself to change your way of thinking so you can increase your peace of mind and gently ease into a relaxed, peaceful, and accepting state of mind at bedtime.

Unmarked Trails: 10 Pathways to Change and Self-Fulfillment

Do you know where you are going in life—what direction, or life paths, you are following and where these life paths are taking you? Unmarked Trails is a guidebook to exploring 10 challenging unmarked trails.